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It’s Coming Back! Quad Con October 19, 2019

66629754_464139834409952_5328412650202202112_o(1)A new con has been knocking it out of the park recently called QUAD CON! Shows appearing in upper and central Illinois as well as Iowa have been met with much success (so far). My main belief  is due to not only the vendors attending and the show runner (Mr. Wells) but also due to the price. Admission has been ranging from $3-$5 dollars to attend PLUS a big hit has been their costume contest.

My folks, Julie and I, attended/vended the first one they hosted in Peoria, IL in mid April of this year (2019). I was pleased with the turnout and we (Ink and Feathers Comics) sold a nice amount of merchandise via books and prints warranting me to sign up for the upcoming show this October. My hope is the turnout will increase as word of mouth spreads about this affordable one day convention in the Heartland of Illinois.

I’ve written about the advantage of small shows especially when you are starting to build your audience. For me, I’m a fan of the intimate setting verses the large one. Don’t get me wrong. For many years, I frequented Chicago Con turned Wizard with a table and traveled to a few shows out of state to sell our wares. However, the cost today is just too much of a burden and until I become a mega millionaire or turn this into a full time gig, I will probably not being doing any more shows unless they are in my backyard (within a hour drive or less).

The climate of self publishing is ever changing with the advent of web comics and digital publishing that there are an astronomical amount of new publishers popping up almost every month. Most are getting their start from going through crowdfunding thus sidestepping going through an established company.

First page of three new stories to be featured in new publication

So, stop by the RiverPlex Arena and check out QUAD CON. Additionally, if you stop by Ink and Feathers table (that’s me!) you will get a first look at my current projects plus a new one that I hope to start releasing in 2020 (first page pictured on the right).

So put the date on your calendar and come spend a day with fellow aficionados of geek/pop culture, comic books, and imagination.

RiverPlex Arena
600 NE Water St. Peoria IL 61603
10am – 4pm
$3 entry


For more information visit:

Anthony @ the table getting ready to greet his adoring fans!

Visit Ink and Feathers @


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